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Our Story

At Divinity & Co we have been loving hair since 2011!

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Our Vision

To elevate the beauty industry within the community of Orangeville, by creating an inclusive space that instills confidence to our guests through our educated based team.

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional, customized experience to our guests through our devotion to education, training, and our professional team environment. We strive to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for all guests along with our best service.

Our Values

Devotion to Education- Having a mindset that relates to individual growth by continued education and rapidly changing industry

Gratitude- approaching life with a grateful heart filled with possibility, practicing kindness with ourselves, our team, and our guests, and celebrating wins and growing from misfortunes

Self control & Accountability- taking accountability for the presentation of oneself, and being mindful of actions towards teammates & guests


Acceptances of differences – Embracing the differences of everyone without judgement or bias

Team- Oriented– As a team we work together to elevate each other so no one employee is left behind and when one succeeds, we all succeed.

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