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Stylist/Colourist/Head Massage

About Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Zettle is a dedicated and creative hairstylist who studied at the Canadian Beauty College. She is eagerly preparing for her licensing exam in February 2024. Kaitlyn finds immense joy in her work, particularly when she sees her clients' faces light up after a transformation. She thrives on the freedom to express her creativity and loves the process of doing highlights.

Beyond her technical skills, Kaitlyn is known for her exceptional customer service. She takes pride in understanding her clients' needs, often delivering exactly what they want without them having to ask. Her head massages are a client favorite, providing a relaxing experience that sets her apart.

When she's not in the salon, Kaitlyn balances her time between her other job and hanging out with friends. Despite her busy schedule, she always brings energy and passion to her work, making every client feel special and valued.

instagram @koloursbykat


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